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About Us

Our Mission

IRC-Source is brought to you by a team of dedicated staffers who are strongly dedicated to the IRC community. Because of our dedication to the community we thrive to help people easily find, and get connected to, IRC channels from all around the internet.
Our mission is to get people connected to the right place, and to bring new people to IRC. So far we've been successful, bringing thousands of people into channels from IRC-Source channel and network listings. We hope the number of people connecting to IRC will grow. Long live IRC!

Brief History

IRC-Source was started in 2014, by /u/xnite, to index and collect statistics about IRC networks.
In 2015 network owners were given the chance to maintain information about their networks, providing details that might entice others to join their community. In that same year a rival website, SearchIRC, closed it's doors resulting in more traffic to IRC-Source.
Throughout 2016 IRC-Source still hadn't reached it's full potential. Many promises were made to improve the website's services, but unfortunately improvements weren't possible with the Wordpress based website. This resulted in a project (the beta project) to revamp the website from scratch. The new website would be capable of keeping statistics not only on networks but also on individual channels.
As of 2017 the new website has been launched, and channels have their own pages and statistics now. The IRC-Source content and community is growing at a steady rate, and we're able to better achieve our over-all goal: get people connected to IRC!

Staff Directory

Name / Nickname Position Email Group Email
Robert Whitney (xnite) Owner [email protected] [email protected]
Ken Spencer (Iota) Administrator [email protected] [email protected]
James Lu (GLolol) Administrator [email protected] [email protected]

Team Contacts

Team Name Description Email Address
Admins Administrative Contact [email protected]
Moderators Moderation Contact (Mods & Super Mods) [email protected]
Developers Development team contact [email protected]