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  • 163 freenode / #photogeeks: Say hi to the new bot: photter! | Welcome to #photogeeks! Questions welcome! | Anything photography related is ontopic. This USUALLY does not mean (US) politics. Be respectful of others
  • 91 Snoonet / #photography: [+CFnrtx 5:60 10:5] /r/photography's official GAS channel | Eat ass and shoot instax | Play angry and critique aggressively if it isn't Fuji | Study yourself some photos. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xx7MEzDAuhY | Don't trust effortDee's garbagepro recommendations
  • 58 freenode / ##photography: Welcome to ##photography, home of photography on freenode, no gearwanking allowed. Don't expect immediate answers; we have lives too, so wait around a bit. | Identify your Flickr name here http://www.flickr.com/groups/hhphotography/
  • 20 freenode / ##photoshop: Welcome to Freenode's ##photoshop .:. ON & OFFTopic Discussion(s) welcomed .:. We'll also help with basic mIRC/Services related questions .:. Please feel free to IDLE as we rebuild our group! Channel issues see ##Help .:. Also you may like ##WebDev .:. Thanks!!
  • 20 EFNet / #photoshop: Welcome! photoshop Help and Discussion. Don't ask to ask.
  • 13 freenode / #gphoto: Digital cameras for Linux/UNIX/MacOS | http://gphoto.org/ | just ask | no webcams | newest 2.5.16
  • 11 freenode / #kphotoalbum:
  • 11 freenode / #photonlexicon:
  • 10 freenode / #photonsdi: An Open Source SDI Core https://github.com/felixheld/photonSDI
  • 8 freenode / #reddit-photography: Welcome to http://www.reddit.com/r/photography chat! If you have a question, we are active & here to help, but please give us some time to respond. Come join the new http://www.flickr.com/groups/rphotography flickr group!
  • 6 QuakeNet / #photoshop.de:
  • 6 QuakeNet / #photoshop:
  • 6 freenode / #phototalk: A place to talk photography without douchebag, power tripping OPs.