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IRC ChannelsUsers

  • 652 freenode / ##hardware: for all your computer hardware questions. no religion, politics or geographic discrimination; other offtopic chat is occasionally OK. Rule #1 is no idiots allowed. R&P to ##hardwaresocial, admin problems to ##hardwareops
  • 584 freenode / #reddit-sysadmin: Home of r/sysadmin | No Trolling, No politics | Can't speak? Register! https://goo.gl/Pp1KQj | New? Try #redditsysadminsupport | /r/sysadmingaming | http://quotes.rsysadmin.net | Keep it safe for work. | Don't post personal info | No damn emojis. Especially you, MillerBOSS. FELDA HAS RETURNED!
  • 419 freenode / ##chat: Welcome to ##chat, a social channel for sensible conversations | THIS IS A politicsFREE ZONE! You have been warned. | Rules: http://dpaste.com/3DQCPVN.txt (temporary host) | We reserve the right to kick annoying people | Please register to speak '/msg nickserv help register' | Free Speech: https://xkcd.com/1357/ | In case of PM spam, '/mode your_nick_here +R'
  • 403 freenode / ##hamradio: Welcome to ##hamradio! | Happy New Year! | politicsfree zone. | To summon an op, please issue the command '!ops', but do not abuse it. | Please read the channel entry message for further instructions! | POLL: Would you like our channel to have a webpage? Let us know!
  • 252 EFNet / #football: [eN.Football] Congratulations New England Patriots Super Bowl LIII Champions | stats: bit.ly/2HoeRDe | NO politics |#bball #hockey #baseball
  • 234 freenode / ##politics: Welcome to ##politics | If you are banned and you shouldn't be, join ##politicsappeal and let us know. | Jamal Khashoggi, never forget| Happy Holidays to all our Friends | https://i.imgur.com/b1fRdwR.png
  • 203 Snoonet / #casualconversation: [+CFHPSTfjnrtx 3:60 20:60 5:2 10:5 10:4] Welcome to /r/casualconversation's official channel, and your official procrastination destination! | Read the rules & commands: https://goo.gl/v5WEa3 | Keep it chill, NO NSFW! #talk for serious conversation, #casualnsfw for NSFW | NO SELFIES, NO SPOILERS, NO politics | bot commands w/ NSFW results = 3 DAY BAN | ?OPs to report issues; NO ABUSING | Fear is the mind killer
  • 197 freenode / ##hackers: Welcome to the hacker hangout | Be patient with questions,might take hours for people to respond. | Please keep conversations family friendly | No politics | Channel website and STARTING RESOURCES: https://hackers.netlify.com/ | Check out ##malware for malware analysis discussion.
  • 191 DALNet / #coffeechat: Welcome to #CoffeeChat..Grab a chair and chat while enjoying a nice coffee as conversation....no politics and no invites nonsense pls.... For Uno and duck game join #unopoint ... For Help join 12#cchelp Wishing all chatters a HAPPY VALENTINE'S 12DAY12!frm CC Team
  • 184 freenode / #startups: https://www.ycombinator.com/rfs/ All about startup business strategy, tech, marketing, sales, finance, hiring, etc. | No religion, politics, whining or NSFW silliness please
  • 182 Snoonet / #politics: [+BCFJKSTdfnrtx 10:10 30 15 5:3 10:5] Welcome to the home of r/politics on Snoonet | Rules: No personal attacks / Baiting / Trolling Do not incite or condone violence. No hate speechfull rules at https://goo.gl/2SH3zg. If you are using a VPN, you must register your nick.
  • 156 freenode / #photogeeks: Welcome to #photogeeks, we develop bots! Questions welcome! | Anything photography related is ontopic. This USUALLY does not mean (US) politics. Be respectful of others
  • 148 DALNet / #allnitecafe: English only! No religion/politics! / Channel Forum: 12http://goo.gl/wziCc7 / NEW USERS,PLEASE READ:12http://goo.gl/RMjM5x
  • 129 EsperNet / #SpaceX: Welcome to #SpaceX | Code of Conduct: goo.gl/qiC8NI | Channel stats: goo.gl/6oZ5id | politics unrelated to SpaceX/Spaceflight is banned | #SpaceX_IRL https://i.imgur.com/3bbgeU5.jpg https://i.imgur.com/A5EAyho.png | Next Launch: SpXDM1 (Demonstration Mission 1) Launch Complex 39A, Kennedy Space Center, FL TBD/NET March 2, 2019 00:00:00 UTC | Press F in chat for Opportunity, RIP.
  • 117 EFNet / #bball: [eN] #1 Basketball channel on Efnet | NBA Schedule https://tinyurl.com/y8pql4tq | No politics | James Harden plays 1 on 5 | yall dodged a bullet
  • 88 freenode / #fedora-social: This is not a support Channel | Fedora end user support is in #fedora | ≋≋≋ Welcome to Fedora™'s Professional Bacon Social Realm ≋≋≋ https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_Social_Channel_FAQ ≋≋≋ Join us for the never ending bacon party Bring Bacon! ≋≋≋ No politics, No Excuses
  • 87 EFNet / #politics: https://youtu.be/qz6d5Xk78vY
  • 81 freenode / ##politics-uncensored: Welcome to ##politicsUncensored | Newly released channel COC: https://pastebin.com/6xU4XcZb | I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than those attending too small a degree of it. T. Jefferson | Pleased to meet you. Hope you guess my name.
  • 79 Foonetic / #xkcd-compsci: [+ntrMTSCf] Welcome to #xkcdcompsci =^.^= | Remember: Your Friend Wil Declares, “Don’t Be A Dick!” | Tag NSFW stuff | Tech talk, not tech help | No US politics either please | https://www.adafruit.com/galleries/catsofengineering | Address cat pics to user "ailurophiles"
  • 78 EFNet / #government: Blah blah blah Iran blah blah Ayatollah: https://www.cnn.com/2018/12/01/politics/pompeoblitzerintv1201cnntv/
  • 77 DALNet / #palestine: 4("`v'")1 English & Arabic only, No politics/Religion4 ("`v'") 3Welcome to the coolest channel in the galaxy!
  • 75 EFNet / ##politics: ##politics the place to discuss politics on efnet | Latest political blog https://pastebin.com/V6QqHSFG updated 9/3
  • 51 DALNet / #usa: 04Welcome to 12#USA! 04English only,12 NO RELIGION, 04no politics and no swearing :) 12Do not beg us for [email protected], 12this is no 04Red Cross. 12Be nice or gtfo :) 04Enjoy! 12#USA 04is 23 years old in 2019!!! Happy Birthday to the unfathomable Goldfish!
  • 51 freenode / ##guntalk: Guns, Ammunition, politics, etc. || ##guntalk Forum & Channel Guidelines http://forums.skalar.org/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=22
  • 48 EFNet / #Civil-Politics: discuss politics civilly (without insulting each other)
  • 45 EFNet / #science: ⚛ formal/natural/social sci/eng| eⁱˣ=cos x+i sin x | #biology #Civilpolitics #coders #geology #history #math #notmath #physics #philalethia #psychology
  • 44 UnderNet / #rebelyell: Welcome to #RY: politics Religion Philosophy etc. What do you know? What do you think, what do you wonder....
  • 44 freenode / #bedrock: Bedrock Linux | Current version: 0.7.1 Poki | https://bedrocklinux.org | politics/drama/significantlyofftopic > ##bedrockchat
  • 43 Snoonet / #uk: [+ACFJRSTdfjnrtx 5:60 2 3 10:15 5:5 10:4] Pointless bickering → #Britishpolitics | Dum inter hominēs estis, colite hūmānitātem | T−43 Days: Waning Country
  • 42 UnderNet / #politics: While railing against border walls Rep. Beto O’Rourke stood safely on a stage that walled off supporters behind barriers, fences & barricades