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  • 53 AfterNet / #afternet: Welcome to AfterNet http://www.AfterNet.org/AfterNet/ If the join/gline flood is bothering your channel, you can consider enabling channel mode +D (Delayed join)
  • 53 AfterNet / #tymkrs: https://www.embedded.fm/episodes/251
  • 41 AfterNet / #linux: Not just Linux Tech discussions with all OS & Hardware We are glad to help if you WAIT. Don't ask to ask, just ask /msg unfgood happy birthday
  • 33 AfterNet / #minecraft: Minecraft 1.13.2, now with more turtles Map: https://mc.simplanet.org/ A cubebased game of building and survival. http://www.AfterNet.org/channels/minecraft
  • 32 AfterNet / #evilnet: evilnet development (Nefarious IRCu, X3 Services, Exile, mod.openchanfix) https://github.com/evilnet Drama free services ;)
  • 22 AfterNet / #idlerpg: 13,1 Welcome to 4,1#7,1IdleRPG13,1! 0,1 11,1Stats, info, and help: 10,1http://AfterNet.org/idle/ 0,1 11,1Register: 10,1/msg idlerpg register <name> <pass> <class> 8,1 New yearlong game starts Jan 1! 
  • 18 AfterNet / #Help: AfterNet's Official IRC Help Channel http://AfterNet.org/help/ For IRC help, /msg help <question> and wait. Thanks!
  • 14 AfterNet / #CyberCafe: Welcome to #CyberCafe the best place to relieve boredom!!! * No ASL, warez or messaging without asking allowed * Don't forget to sweep up the broken glass when choirboy sings
  • 12 AfterNet / #Lima: ||[Bienvenidos a #Lima capital oficial del Peru || canal internacional de chat amistad encuentros y romance || IRC Lima AfterNet agradece vuestra preferencia || Tranks you visit]||!
  • 12 AfterNet / #smithy: Welcome to #smithy, check us out at http://www.AfterNet.org/channels/smithy | No ASL or PMing without asking allowed | Happy Livday! Fitliv is Win | Even a broken clock is right twice a day | MERRY CHRISTMAS!
  • 11 AfterNet / #Peru: |[Welcome to #Peru channel international || canal de amistad internacional para todo el mundo || Paz amor romance y amistad general]|!
  • 10 AfterNet / #C: C,C++, C# channel, Rules : http://ideone.com/nCgnMF ; Paste at: http://ideone.com Compilers: http://ideone.com/hHEA3B | |
  • 10 AfterNet / #pride48:
  • 10 AfterNet / #America:
  • 9 AfterNet / #FreeBSD: FreeBSD Operating System Discussion www.freebsd.org... Long live Beastie!
  • 9 AfterNet / #Arequipa: |[Bienvenidos a #Arequipa la gran ciudad blanca del Peru || aqu las mujeres sin lindas bombomcitas y de ricas curvas apretaditas || Unete a vuestro canal y consigue amistad || arriba IRC Arequipa]|!
  • 8 AfterNet / #gamers: Stuff about games and the people who play them. Read rules at: http://ideone.com/E5yBb [ Stuff about games and the people who play them. Read rules at: http://ideone.com/E5yBb ]
  • 8 AfterNet / #akj-discord:
  • 7 AfterNet / #avpd: A chat for AVPD Avoidant Personality Disorder, Severe Social Anxiety, Depression, Mental Illness and Those who don't belong
  • 6 AfterNet / #0hgame: 0h Game Jam 2016 | #0hgame | Oct 30 (EU) / Nov 6 (US) 2am2am | http://0hgame.eu | Make a game in zero hours! Get ready! | This is a communist channel, everyone is equal
  • 6 AfterNet / #casual: The return is here, join us in celebration
  • 6 AfterNet / #IPv6: Welcome to IPv6, the future of the Internet! Try AfterNet's IPv6 connectivity with /server irc.AfterNet.org and let us know what you think! Find out more at http://AfterNet.org/help/connecting/ipv6/. 3 of our 5 IPv6 servers now have native IPv6!
  • 6 AfterNet / #compsci.ca: Computer Science Canada [www.CompSci.ca] Programming Community
  • 6 AfterNet / #GOS: Tanathir: never underestimate the human capacity to perv.