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  • 82 Awfulnet / #FreshChat: [+Cntj] Welcome to ChatLounge IRC Network. #FreshChat Lets speak English & Tagalog in main channel.Tune in: www.babyluvradio.com Happy New Year 2018 to All!
  • 30 Awfulnet / #social: [+CLPTntjf] Welcome to #Social, the official chat/lounge/lobby/bar/pub channel of the ChatLounge IRC Network. | Official web site: https://www.chatlounge.net/ | Official help channel: #Help | Games: #MultiRPG #IdleRPG #Poker #Trivia #Uno | Channel Rules: https://www.chatlounge.net/social_rules
  • 27 Awfulnet / #TheSimsWiki: [+CLPTntjf] Welcome to #TheSimsWiki http://sims.wikia.com | Rules http://bit.ly/tswircrules | Community forum http://bit.ly/tswdiscuss | Feeling lonely? Join our Discord server! https://goo.gl/eQ2BTt
  • 23 Awfulnet / #uno: [+CLPntj] Welcome to Ben's UNO! game channel. | !unocmds for a list of commands | !uno to start a game | "jo" to join a game that just started.
  • 23 Awfulnet / #Chat: [+CLPTntjf] Welcome to #Chat | Please mark NSFW/NSFL links as such!
  • 20 Awfulnet / #ChatServices: [+CLPntj] Channel for ChatServices IRC Services, a fork of Atheme. | Rules: https://chatlounge.net/chatserv_rules | Git: https://bitbucket.org/chatlounge/chatservices/ | Current Version: 1.0.0dev | Current Ideas (comments and suggestions welcome): https://chatlounge.net/ChatServices_Ideas.txt | Test Net: irc.test.chatlounge.net:9967 or 9997 for SSL
  • 20 Awfulnet / #usa: [+nt]
  • 18 Awfulnet / #ChatIRCd: [+CLPntj] Channel for the ChatIRCd IRC daemon | Rules: https://chatlounge.net/chatircd_rules | Current Version: 1.1.8 https://chatlounge.net/downloads/chatircd/chatircd1.1.8.tar.bz2 | Development Version: 1.2.0dev | Git: https://bitbucket.org/chatlounge/chatircd/ | ChatIRCd Ideas: https://chatlounge.net/ChatIRCd_Ideas.txt | Test Net: irc.test.chatlounge.net:9967 or 9997 for SSL
  • 15 Awfulnet / #Poker: [+CLPnrtj] Ben's Poker game channel | English Only and don't be a total douche/POS | Send a memo or PM to Ben if you have any questions, suggestions, whatever. | To start the game, type: !th To end the game: !end
  • 15 Awfulnet / #multirpg: [+Pmnt] Multinet IdleRPG | Register: /msg multirpg register <user> <password> <class> | Web: http://multirpg.net | Help and Chat: #multirpgdiscuss
  • 12 Awfulnet / #linux: [+Cnrtj] GNU/Linux and Unix help and discussion | http://xkcd.com/149/ | http://qdb.us/125764 | Please use a Pastebin site instead of pasting 4+ lines at once
  • 12 Awfulnet / #help: [+CFLPTntj] Official ChatLounge IRC Network Help Channel Please be patient in waiting for a reply. | FAQ: https://chatlounge.net/faq | '/msg NickServ help' and '/msg ChanServ help' should answer most questions. | English only, please. | This channel is only for questions relating to the network, whether policy related or for assistance with services and commands.
  • 12 Awfulnet / #defero: [+Cnrtj] Welcome to #defero | Web Site: http://www.mrbenc.com/irc/defero/
  • 11 Awfulnet / #IdleRPG: [+CFLPcgmntz] TO REGISTER > /msg idlebot REGISTER <char name> <password> <char class> | TO LOGIN > /msg idlebot LOGIN <char name> <password> | BEST OF LUCK ALL! For other possible commands, please visit: http://www.idlerpg.net/ | The database has been reset (on the 29th of December), so you'll need to reregister.
  • 10 Awfulnet / #Limnoria: [+CTnrtj] Unofficial discussion/support channel for the Limnoria channel bot, found here: https://github.com/ProgVal/Limnoria/
  • 9 Awfulnet / #mIRC: [+CLPTmntj] Unofficial mIRC help channel. | The latest version of mIRC may be obtained here: http://www.mirc.com/get.html | Please be patient in waiting for a reply. English only.
  • 9 Awfulnet / #znc: [+CLPnrtj] Unofficial ZNC Configuration Help Channel. | You can find the latest version here: http://wiki.znc.in/ZNC | Do not ask for free ZNC accounts. | The only Windows version supported is the Cygwin version | Use a Pastebin site instead of posting 4+ lines at once
  • 9 Awfulnet / #trivia: [+CLPntj] Official ongoing Trivia game channel for the ChatLounge IRC Network | Any problems, suggestions, or thoughts on the trivia game? Join #Help and ask Ben there, or send him a PM.
  • 9 Awfulnet / #teen: [+CLPnrtj] Welcome to #Teen | You may also be interested in #Chat .
  • 7 Awfulnet / #programming: [+nrt] Welcome to #programming | Ask about anything related to programming.
  • 7 Awfulnet / #eggdrop: [+nrtj] Unofficial Eggdrop configuration help channel. | You can obtain the latest version (1.6.21) here: http://www.eggheads.org/downloads/ | This is not a bot lending channel. | We do not support Windrop. | Alice is a relay bot.
  • 7 Awfulnet / #k6ka: [+CTnt] Welcome to #k6ka feel free to talk about anything appropriate. | Flickr https://goo.gl/vZB9wb | DeviantArt https://goo.gl/NeFjgX | Jan 5 2019 my personal blog https://goo.gl/w1h63Q
  • 6 Awfulnet / #dronebl: [+CPTnrtj]
  • 6 Awfulnet / #Australia: [+ntj] Welcome to #Australia !!! Sit back and have a Beer and relax !! For Great music http://www.genxradio.com or https://river949.com.au (*_*)