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  • 13 TripSit / ##freedom: This is #test 2.0, control room and test ground for what makes irc great: BOTS! Want coins? Why not #mine some wattcoins and #bench some strength, or maybe $redeemcoins and try $flip [heads or tails] [amount]. Most bots have a [prefix]help command for modulelisting. Prefixes for bots: BitBot $ Circuit , Dongbot : Duckbot . Tripbot ~ Watt #
  • 13 TripSit / #welcome: Welcome to the frontdoor of TripSit. To get into the other channels you must register with ChanServ. If ChanServ does not let you register, then chat here until it does.
  • 12 TripSit / #recovery: Welcome to TripSit's recovery room. This is a new room, if you feel you have expertise or suggestions please contact a staff member. Topic: For those of you who have recently relapsed, how do you plan to change your recovery process to adapt? ~by Data! :)
  • 12 TripSit / #mycology: Welcome to #mycology! TripSits room for all things fungi related! Here in #mycology, we approve of cows and poop :) | Sourcing spores is not permitted | Ask your cultivation related questions here, and we will do our best to help ASAP | http://countyourculture.com/2012/02/17/biosynthesis4substitutedtryptaminederivatives/
  • 12 TripSit / #news: President Trump states a new Muslim ban executive order will be announced Monday. Meanwhile, Saturday morning Trump tweets Obama ordered wire tapping of Trump throughout the campaign. Obama WH officials claim accusation is false and illegal." http://www.bbc.com/news/worlduscanada39168149
  • 12 TripSit / ##psychonautwiki: [ https://psychonautwiki.org | Please consider donating to help support PsychonautWiki's longterm stability and development. https://psychonautwiki.org/wiki/Donate | Please follow the network rules: https://tinyurl.com/h6axazx ]
  • 11 TripSit / #feelingblue: Welcome to #feelingblue! Have a depressive disorder or just feeling down? Feel free to join our community where you can discuss your issues and vent your emotions without being judged! You're not alone...
  • 10 TripSit / ##crypto: Btc rised more in a day on the 7th December 2017 than its total value on 7th December 2018 | | The channel about crypto currencies! | For cointicker, write: ‘,c currency’. Example: ‘,c ltc’ | There's no stupid questions!
  • 9 TripSit / #werewolf: Welcome to Werewolf! See .rules for rules Join in with .join .help for commands list See http://www.wolfbot.net/ and https://wiki.TripSit.me/wiki/Wolfgame for more information.
  • 9 TripSit / #dmt: Welcome DMT Nexus friends. Make yourself at home! Channel dedicated for talk about DMT and related subjects (Ayahuasca, Changa).
  • 8 TripSit / ##Dutch: Welkom in Nederland (en België). Het land van wiet, speed en feest. | Biertje erbij? Ja altijd! | Kleurtjes :D | Geurtjes :N | Niet handelen in psychoactieve stoffen plies
  • 8 TripSit / ##gardening: https://imgur.com/a/FJZ3I62
  • 7 TripSit / #home:
  • 7 TripSit / #dreaming: Are you dreaming right now? Do a reality check! | Lucid dreaming guide: https://reality.rehab/dreaming
  • 7 TripSit / ##uno: To start a game, type "!uno". Use "!join" to join an existing game. | !unohelp for help menu
  • 7 TripSit / #taileaters:
  • 6 TripSit / #movies: Welcome to #movies! NO SPOILERS Don't Post download links | Movie of the Week: POINT BREAK https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/point_break | http://www.reddit.com/r/fullmoviesonyoutube | http://documentaryaddict.com/
  • 6 TripSit / #realitree: Atop the realitree!
  • 6 TripSit / ##hooligans: Hoolo and welcome. | WWA3kD | "Knuck if you buck" bnibs | We did it | OOOOORAH| wreck shit up
  • 6 TripSit / #teknos: hi
  • 6 TripSit / ##mma: TripSit MMA: Home of the Goofmaster| https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CU7qmOjsvxw | FIGHT DAY 1 | WE’RE AT GOOFCON 5 | https://i.imgur.com/DvKDmjp.jpg http://cdn1.sbnation.com/assets/3974203/FEDOR.gif
  • 6 TripSit / ##runescape: Runescape | RIP Sleep, Warc and Argeal, you will forever be my homeboys| ALL HAIL GOD EMPEROR SHAUNY | http://i.imgur.com/AdMGIEC.jpg | RUNEFEST IS TODAY SO STFU AND PLAY | TOPIC GOES HERE | NOW WITH EXTRA CHEESE | https://i.redd.it/zcm4qzl09x101.png
  • 6 TripSit / ##politics: LANDSLIDE TRUMP VICTORY | ~results for results | Congrats Trump supporters, grab yourself a hat. | US Suicide Hotline 18002738255 | Immigrate to canada: http://www.cic.gc.ca/English/immigrate/index.asp | Tell the DNC how you feel (good or bad): http://my.democrats.org/page/s/contactthedemocrats | How do you feel about Trump's regulation policies?
  • 6 TripSit / ##tripcam-test: https://tripcam.live/room/test