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Ranking: 252/268 | Avg. Users: 16 | Avg. Channels: 18 | Last updated 2018-03-21 08:03:21 | View Channel List
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Maintained by Vista.

Formed in 2002 as a school project, the network has gone through several incarnations.
Now focusing mainly on gaming projects, such as Minecraft and Trackmania, the network is a fun and safe place to come and chat about anything.

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  • Last seen 2018-03-21 08:03:17 irc.chatnsn.co.uk:
    - Welcome to the ChatNSN Network.
    - http://chatnsn.co.uk
    - Admins
    - Steve
    - Vista
    - Cemtex
    - Darkpsy3934
    - Sysops
    - Guides
    - Bots
    - Ace
    - Eco
    - Aztech
    - CShellz
    - IdleRPG
    - MC_Creative
    - MC_Survival
    - FlutterBot
    - GamerBot
    - TSOTrance
    - Sysop_ServiceBot
    - For help with the network please go to the #HelpDesk
    - General Chat #TheLobby
    - Rules 
    - 1) No attacks on the server, users or staff
    - 2) No advertising....period
    - 3) Be respectful
    - 4) Enjoy your stay!
    - Warnings and Bans. 
    - 1-2 violations if minor will be warnings.
    - 3rd Violation will be a 12 hour ban from all servers. 
    - 4th 24 hour ban
    - 5th 1 week ban
    - 6th 30 day ban
    - 7th Permanent ban. 
    - **If ANY of the first three rules are broken, you WILL BE PERMANENTLY BANNED with no chance of appeal**
    - We have a webchat service at http://playio.net/chat
    - This service includes webcam and voice chat that uses IRC as a medium.
    - Our teamspeak server is back online at voice.chatnsn.co.uk.
    - We also have a mobile phone web based app. It can be found at http://playio.net/chat
    - Please save this for use on your phone or other mobile devices. 
    - Please note re link requests: We do not and will not link with other networks. In the past we have had issues when doing so, so to keep it simple, all link requests are now denied.
    - Code Of Conduct Updated as of December 1, 2017.
    - http://www.playio.net/home/code-of-conduct
    - The ChatNSN Team
    - http://chatnsn.co.uk

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