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Maintained by Shillos.

Our IRC network started off around just 10 years ago (January 2008) as a test and then for a few friends as a personal project, whereas later on became more open for public usage and now as a public IRC network we are open to the world.
The goal is to provide an IRC experience and service to the community of Cyprus and beyond, as we progress in a slow-motion to get to our main goal by having our very own services and modes.
We are in the hope that you would use our services with dignity and respect as we would very much love that you can use your very own IRC channel on your own personal website, company or other means you would like it to be. Other than abuse and such will not be tolerated as we are also giving you our full rules on how to use it correctly with all steps needed. Regardless if you are from the North of Cyprus or from the South we are not discriminating in any way, but in the hope that religion or political aspects are not included as we do not allow this to happen in our community. More of this you will find on our rules page.
The network is based on Unrealircd v.5.x and Anope v.2.0.8 (as we speak) and we are using SSL/TLS as our primary connection on port 6697, although we still use the insecure port 6667, that will be taken off on a later date. We are fully IRCv3 compliant as a standard that supports both RFC1459 and RFC2812 protocols and also uses the SASL login. More info on our info page and how to connect to us.
See our latest news on https://cyirc.org/blog/

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