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Powered by: :InspIRCd-2.0 neko.electrocode.net :Really? you thought you'd find a custom coded IRCd?

Maintained by iota.

About ElectroCode is a network based around a Rizon+freenode idea, where gaming, coding/scripting, as well as anime are welcome.
Other Stuff ElectroCode also has its own projects/services it offers, such as ElectroShells(A shell account service), ElectroBNC(A freemium BNC Service), ElectroTech(Think geek squad).

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       ,/|         _.--''^``-...___.._.,;
        /, \'.     _-'          ,--,,,--'''
       { \    `_-''       '    /}
        `;;'             ;   ; ;
   ._..--''     ._,,, _..'  .;.'
  (,_....----'''     (,..--''

  ____________ Staff of This Server _______________

    Server Owner(s): Sakura`Kinomoto

    Server Admins: N/A

    Operators: N/A

09,14       /\            /\      
09,14      /  \          /  \     
09,14     /   /       ,/ \   \    
09,14    /   /      ,'/   \   \   
09,14   /   /     ,' /     \   \  
09,14  /   /    ,'  /_____, \   \ 
09,14  \   \  .'____    ,'  /   / 
09,14   \   \      /  ,'   /   /  
09,14    \   \    / ,'    /   /   
09,14     \   \  /,'     /   /    
09,14      \  / /'       \  /     
09,14       \/            \/      
       ________          __              
      / ____/ ___  _____/ /__________  
     / __/ / / _ \/ ___/ __/ ___/ __ \
    / /___/ /  __/ /__/ /_/ /  / /_/ /
   /_____/_/\___/\___/\__/_/   \____/ 
     ______          __   
    / ________  ____/ ___ 
   / /   / __ \/ __  / _ \
  / /___/ /_/ / /_/ /  __/

  __________Network Info__________

    Owner: Iota
    Website: https://electrocode.net
    Social Media/External Pages:
        Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/electrocode/
        Page: https://fb.com/ElectroCode
        ElectroCode: https://twitter.com/electrocodenet
        ElectroBNC: https://twitter.com/ElectroBNC
        ElectroShells: https://twitter.com/ElectroShells
      GitHub: https://github.com/ElectroCode

  _________Client Servers_________
      o milkyway.electrocode.net
      o shittynews.electrocode.net
      o squirrel.electrocode.net
      o neko.electrocode.net
      o irc.electrocode.net will direct to a random server of the above
      o irc.us.electrocode.net for random US server
      o irc.eu.electrocode.net for a random EU server

     All servers listening on ports:
     o Normal: 6660-6669
     o SSL: 6697
     o If at all a server says connection refused, please let us know
        what ip it is, we're only human. Some of us.
  _______ Server Rules ________________________________________

    A few rules before you roam, 
    1. The use of proxies are forbidden, anyone found using one will be
       KILL'd on the spot. 
       A. The use of closed proxies such as bnc's are fine 
          (If you need exceptions, please join #operhelp)
       B. Currently, as long as those with proxies are behaving, we have
            no problem with letting them connect.
    2. Impersonation and/or abuse of ElectroCode's staff and/or services
        will not be tolerated.

    3. No harmful scripts or bots, such as advertisers or flooders. 
        Friendly bots (such as regular eggdrops, channel maintenance bots/scripts
        mIRC fun bots, etc) are permitted. 
        As long as your bot doesn't bother us, we won't bother it. 
        (Set your bot umodes to +B as it will set it as such)

    4. Don't spam/reiterate that someone is trolling you, just use your /ignore 
        If you use a client that doesn't have it, then you need to pick a differe
        client or use the IRCd's /silence feature.

    5. Ban evasion will not be tolerated, this includes channel and network bans

    X. We as ElectroCode reserve the right to edit our rules at anytime. 
    - A complete list of ElectroCode rules: http://electrocode.net/rules

    - If you feel you have been banned unreasonably:
    - You may post an appeals ticket, 
    - http://electrocode.net or on the forums
    - or appeal at #ElectroCode-Appeals on a supported IRC Network.
        o Rizon (irc://irc.rizon.net/electrocode-appeals)
        o freenode (irc://chat.freenode.net/electrocode-appeals)
    _______ New to ElectroCode? _______________________________
    o Join us in #chat to keep up to date with news and general chat
    o Join us in #help if you require any IRC Related assistance
    o If you need help explicitly from Network Staff, #operhelp
    o If you are interested in linking to ElectroCode, see #routing
      - Note that we do not accept free VPS' such as Host1Free
    o EliteBNC Support is available through #help, if needed we can redirect to
       an official channel on one of their networks.
    o If you want one from them, you may join Rizon or freenode's #EliteBNC 
    o Link is irc://irc.rizon.net/elitebnc or irc://chat.freenode.net/elitebnc
    o Review /msg NickServ HELP in order to register your nick
    o Review /msg ChanServ HELP in order to register a channel
    o Want a vhost? Try /hs Request
    o Color vHost? (You can /hs request a color vhost now!)
  ________ Random Stuff ______________________________________
    o Please join our facebook group for network news and other dealings 
        URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/electrocode/
    o We have several pages on Social Media.
        FB: https://fb.com/ElectroCode
        Twitter: https://twitter.com/electrocodenet
        YT: https://youtube.com/user/ElectroCodenet
    o We also allow the use of mibbit, so if you would like
    o to have your friends join, just give them this link.
     o They can also go to http://electrocode.net/chat 
         and use any server they like,
       All they have to do is open the link and then when they connect just 
       have them type /nick Somenametheywanttouse
    _______ Legal Notice _______________________________________
     o 04The use of this server & network 
     o 04IRC is a free media, therefore no person or entity involved
     o 04with ElectroCode and its servers takes any responsibility
     o 04whatsoever for the opinions expressed or the actions taken by
     o 04users. Absolutely no warranty is either expressed or implied.

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