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  • Last seen 2018-11-13 23:12:46 irc.gimp.ca:
    - 13/8/2018 14:18
    - Welcome to irc.gimp.ca | GIMPnet Canada
    - ==( Server Information )==========================================
    -   This server is hosted by Aceldama Systems.
    -   Your local admins: Thanatos, av
    -   This server is also part of the GIMPNet network, also
    -   known as irc.gnome.org. As such you should respect the 
    -   GNOME's Code of Conduct while participating in discussions
    -   on any of the GNOME-related channels:
    -     https://wiki.gnome.org/Foundation/CodeOfConduct
    -   A list of the most relevant GNOME channels and other general
    -   information can be found at the following page:
    -     https://wiki.gnome.org/Community/GettingInTouch/IRC
    -   The Network now supports nickname and channel registrations,
    -   query NickServ, ChanServ (and issue the command 'help'), respectively.

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