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Maintained by marc.

Nullrewted is a friendly, relaxed environment.

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    - 24/4/2018 20:39
    - .--[ Administration ]---------------------------------------.
    - * Xaphan ([email protected])
    - * eViLoNe ([email protected])
    - * ^Kyu ([email protected]) 
    - *
    - .--[ Legal Statement ]--------------------------------------.
    - We strictly prohibit the use of our network for the illegal 
    - trade of software or pornography or anything deemed to be 
    - not in line with whatever law(s) are relevant to respective 
    - countries, states principalities or provinces. Users found 
    - in breach of this or any policy or statement made in this 
    - document on behalf of Nullrewted as a network either in part or 
    - whole will be liable to whatever action is considered 
    - appropriate by the administration or operator(s) of this 
    - network. We do not have to give any explanation whatsoever 
    - for any action we take to rectify any kind of problem, 
    - issue or situation while you are connected to any one of 
    - our servers by whatever means. 
    - Nullrewted is provided as a free service and we reserve the 
    - right to revoke this service in any way we please at any 
    - time without reason. If you do not agree with this document 
    - completely and adhere to the content herein, then you have
    - no place on our network. Please disconnect now if you have 
    - any intention of breaking any rule or regulation imposed 
    - upon you either by this Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) or any
    - rules or regulations imposed from server to server.
    - .--[ Rules and Regulations ]--------------------------------.
    - We would like to encourage users to treat each other with 
    - respect and to be aware that by its very nature, IRC 
    - encourages mixes and diversities of all kinds of ethnic 
    - persuasions. Please be careful to treat other races and 
    - cultures with the greatest of respect. Harassment of any 
    - kind will not be tolerated. Anyone reported to be harassing 
    - by whatever means will be subject to further action at the 
    - earliest possible convenient time. 
    - The following is not only a guideline to acceptable use of 
    - our network but is also enforceable at any time by any means: 
    - * Unsolicited advertising of any kind is not permitted. 
    - * No fake or modified identification information will be 
    - accepted. By this we mean the user and host names of your 
    - address when you log onto any of our servers. We strictly 
    - prohibit the modification of this information to be used 
    - in a manner not fitting or acceptable to the use of Nullrewted 
    - resources. 
    - * No cloning. You are allowed a maximum of 3 clients from any 
    - one host at any one time so long as these connections are 
    - not clones of each other. 
    - * No spamming. This includes, but is not limited to, flooding 
    - of any kind, mass messaging of users, and any form of data 
    - sent to more than one individual when not requested. 
    - * Bots of any kind may or may not be acceptable on a particular 
    - server you are connected to. If the server has a no bots 
    - policy it will be referenced to in that servers MOTD. Any 
    - connection to a server not carrying bot guidelines is still 
    - subject to the authority of this document. Bots when 
    - acceptable on a server, must be controlled and must not make 
    - a nuisance of themselves. 
    - By connecting to any of our servers you are agreeing to 
    - comply with not only this document but any additional 
    - requirements asked of you by the message of the day (/MOTD) 
    - of the server you are connected to, and any requirements of 
    - either Administration or Operators of that server. 
    - .--[ Additional Server Rules ]------------------------------.
    - * Only friendly bots are welcome here.

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