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This network is not maintained! Read the FAQ to learn how to gain access to maintain this network.

Snoonet is a community hub designed to accomodate and explore community culture. Our network infrastructure is built and maintained by the top communities on the internet, and their most proactive community leaders. Our design is to stay within the times, so we grow with communities. Our goal is simple: Be there with your communities, grow together, and aim for progression at every turn.
The Vision is Simple
Value your communities.
We value the proactive members within communities that develop tools, that create infrastructure within their moderation teams and community as a whole, that aim to simply make things better for those around them. We value the understanding that every community is beautiful, whether our interests conflict or mesh well, the staff team is built around various community leaders with an amazing range of interests. Great deeds go a long way within Snoonet!
This is all for you.
We all started as individuals looking to do something more. We value the connections people make with each other, and see the vastness for potential each individual has. None of this is possible without you!
Lending a helping hand.
In the past, we've gathered resources from our infrastructure to host community game servers, community events, and staffed large discussion networks to help individuals, and communities to promote awesome ideas they've had. We pitch in where we can as far as server resources, money donations, and development is needed.
Always be about something positive.
When life turns aspects of our everyday lives into something black white and grey, our only option is to seek out the colors, wherever they may be. We will go out of our way to help those within our communities on professional and personal levels. There's always a bigger picture, and the finest details are highlighted by working together.
Welcome the voice of the internet.

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Welcome to the Snoonet Chat Network.

By connecting to Snoonet you indicate that you have read and
accept our policies as set out on http://www.snoonet.org/rules

Snoonet runs an open proxy scanner.  If you continue connecting
to Snoonet, you agree to this scanning to protect our network
from scammers, spammers and the propagation of viruses.

Please visit our ruleset listed at http://www.snoonet.org/rules 
Yes, this is so important we list it twice. Snoonet does not have
many network wide rules but the ones we do have we enforce
to the best of our ability. This may also include the use of
automated oper utilities and/or standalone network bots that may
join/part your channel, or the mass setting of channel modes across
all network channels to protect you and your users during times 
of network turmoil. 

Please join #help if you have questions about any of the above

Network Administration may remove any problem user at any time
for the betterment of all users. This includes, but is not limited
to, trolling, attempting to receive or spread users personal
information (also known as Doxxing), vote brigading on any social
media websites, or any thing that network administration sees as 
potentially harmful to the atmosphere of Snoonet.

Our network rules are located here: http://www.snoonet.org/rules

Ignorance is not an excuse - most of the network rules are common sense.

As of the last MOTD Update, Snoonet has never received a National
Security Letter, an order under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance
Act, or any other classified request for user information.

MOTD Last Updated:
Sun Jun 25 21:21:21 UTC 2017

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