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Maintained by TesseractNet.

Welcome to T E S S E R A C T - I R C - N E T W O R K Running UnrealIRCd up since Jan 17 2017
PORTS : 6667 (default) 6698 (TLS/SSL) ADMINISTRATORS and OPERATORS: Protheus - Network Owner WildWolf - Network Co-Owner Vault108 - Network Admin
We ask that you be polite to your fellow users and have FUN chatting!! TesseractNet is a network that operates under two main rules: Rule 1 - Don't be a dick. Rule 2 - See Rule 1. ASSISTANCE AND INFORMATION Web Site Pages o Main Network Address: irc.tesseractnet.org o Web Chat Connections: Coming Soon #help: Channel Registration and General Network Assistance #TechSupport: General Tech/Software Support
Chanserv - Tesseract is our Channel Registration Service Operserv - OperServ is our Operator Service Nickserv - NickServ is our Nickname Registration Service. Be sure to check your spam folder! Memoserv - MemoServ is our Memo Service IVI - IVI is our General Network Bot. Type /msg IVI .help for a list of commands.
BOT/CLONE POLICY Tesseract provides channel users with all services necessary to operate a channel. However, if you want to run a persistent automated program (bot) in support of a specific channel (i.e. a gamebot) here are the rules:
Client Bot Policy (mIRC scripts, etc.) - Users are allowed up to two simultaneous connections per person. - Be careful connecting, if you generate more than 4 connections, even temporarily, you may get blocked from the net without warning.
Any Bot running 24/7 (or substantial portion thereof) - Must be owned or controlled by the owner of a registered channel. - Must always be in one responsible (registered) channel and - Must not be in more than ONE unregistered channel for an extended time. - Have permission from the admin of EACH server it will connect to.
PROHIBITIONS Any activity that is malicious, abusive, or in violation of network policy may result in being banned from the network and/or notification of appropriate organizations and authorities. Such activities include but are not limited to: Running an unauthorized bot (See Bot Policy) Running warscripts, clonebots, warbots, floodbots and the like. Repeated joining of prohibited channels. Failure to heed warnings generated by network services or staff. Advertising other chat nets or porn/warez sites. Attempted exchange of unsolicited or illicit data (files/WAREZ) Systematic harassment of channels or users Requesting ops - Soliciting O-lines and/or channel ops
BANS Legitimate channel bans do not require a reason or justification. Evading one can result in your being banned from the entire network. BAN EVASION IS ABSOLUTELY PROHIBITED !!

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