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Maintained by ProbablyRetep.

The Airlock Network, formally The Coldfront, is dedicated to gaming community clans and guilds. Our primary goal and interest is to make YOU, our guest feel at home on our network. We try and keep the rules very simple to allow for enjoyment and a good chatting environment.
RULES: Please use the /rules command. Basic summary: play nice.
Individual channels may have additional rules that you must also abide by if you wish to use them.
Please respect our other guests on the network and all will be well.
We do reserve the right to deny anyone access to The Airlock Network.
Please visit http://theairlock.net/privacy-policy/ for our privacy policy.
Be sure and follow us on Facebook for network updates and announcements at http://www.facebook.com/theairlocknet or visit our web page at http://www.theairlock.net
If you have any questions or concerns please email [email protected]
Server Ports 6667, 8080 and SSL 7778
alpha.theairlock.net Dallas, TX echo.theairlock.net Frankfurt, DE sleet.theairlock.net Amsterdam, NL
NOTE: All server to server communication is encrypted with SSL
----------------------------------------------------------------- Services ------------------------------------------------------------------- /NickServ help commands - /ns may be substituted /ChanServ help commands - /cs may be substituted /MemoServ help commands - /ms may be substituted /BotServ help commands - /bs may be substituted /HostServ help commands - /hs may be substituted
------------------------------------------------------------------- IRC Staff -----------------------------------------------------------------

Server Admins: Mag - Born to drink... Merlin - I eat Harry Potter for breakfast Concentus - The Yeti
IRCops: \ aka BackSlash - Because pronouncability is for MVWTXLFPKs. Diaego - Radio monkey Entity - Purr! =^.^= Mysticales - Wurm Unlimited ALL THE WAY!!!!!
Owners/IRCops: Jahner - Grumpy Old Bastard!!! aCe - I love it when you call me Big Poppa...
Join #irchelp for any problems you may need help with. Use /helpop for help with commands, user modes and channels modes. Please email [email protected] with any questions or concerns.
We hope you enjoy your time on The Airlock Network!

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