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This network is not maintained! Read the FAQ to learn how to gain access to maintain this network.

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  • Last seen 2018-07-20 03:03:16 irc.trivialityzone.co.uk:
    - 22/5/2018 19:32
    - Welcome to the TrivialityZone network.
    - The network rules are as follows
    - Please follow staff requests.
    - Please don't spam.
    - Do not incite an argument. We're a friendly community! Use /ignore
    - No homophobia/racism/abuse will be tolerated.
    - Most importantly though be respectful have fun :) and stay safe.
    - By connecting to TrivialityZone you acknowledge that the 
    - staff can remove you for any reason if they feel that it is 
    - to the benefit of the network.
    - [TrivialityZone is participating with United IRC Networks to bring you more 
    - channels and content.  No responsibility for computer damage, data loss, 
    - or any other damage shall be implied by TrivialityZone, United IRC 
    - Networks (UIN), linked networks, it�s host, staff or volunteers. By 
    - connecting, you hereby state and agree that you release United IRC Networks, 
    - it�s host, linked networks, administrators, operators, and any other 
    - volunteer from all responsibilty or legal liability which might result from 
    - your use of IRC servers.]
    - If you have any queries, please feel free to contact a member of staff. 
    - Channel Ops can be found with a @ sign and admins with a & in the userlist.
    - Type /list (For a full list of channels.)
    - Help Channel         - #Help
    - Main TZ Chat Channel - #TrivialityZone 
    -                      - #LiveScores   
    - Quiz Channel         - #Quiz (Check Schedule TBA)
    - Games Channels       - #Trivia ( #aussietrivia no swearing ) #Countdown 
    -                        #idle-rpg #uno
    -                        #MusicTrivia
    - Check out http://www.bitboxes.co.uk/  for all your hosting needs.
    - We are an adult chat network! Please don't be offended by the language in chat
    - but be mindful offensive chat isn't acceptable.
    - Avoid swearing in #AussieTrivia !! Please check other topics, for rules.
    - Thank you Medusa - TrivialityZone Owner
    - We will always do our utmost to protect private information.
    - Don't forget to dance :)

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