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This network is not maintained! Read the FAQ to learn how to gain access to maintain this network.

an IRC network providing discussion facilities for the Free and Open Source Software communities, not-for-profit organizations, and related communities. In 1998, the network had about 200 users and less than 20 channels. Fifteen years later, the network peaks at over 80,000 users. freenode provides facilities to a variety of groups and organizations.

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  • Last seen 2018-11-13 23:05:02 tolkien.freenode.net:
    - Welcome to tolkien.freenode.net in Sanford, NC, US. Thanks to
    - https://travelingmailbox.com/ for sponsoring this server
    - Welcome to freenode - supporting the free and open source
    - software communities since 1998.
    - By connecting to freenode you indicate that you have read and
    - accept our policies and guidelines as set out on https://freenode.net
    - In the event that you observe behaviour that contravenes our policies,
    - please notify a volunteer staff member via private message, or send us an
    - e-mail to [email protected] -- we will do our best to address the
    - situation within a reasonable period of time, and we may request further
    - information or, as appropriate, involve other parties such as channel operators 
    - Group Contacts representing an on-topic group.
    - freenode runs an open proxy scanner.
    - If you are looking for assistance, you will be able to find a list of
    - volunteer staff using the '/who freenode/staff/*' command, and you may
    - message any of us at any time. Please note that freenode predominantly
    - provides assistance via private message, and while we have a network
    - channel the primary venue for support requests is via private message to
    - a member of the volunteer staff team.
    - From time to time, volunteer staff may send server-wide notices relating to
    - the project, or the communities that we host. The majority of such notices
    - will be sent as wallops, and you can '/mode <yournick> +w' to ensure that you
    - do not miss them. Important messages relating to the freenode project, including
    - notices of upcoming maintenance and other scheduled downtime will be issued as
    - global notices.
    - Representing an on-topic project? Don't forget to register, more information
    - can be found on the https://freenode.net website under "Group Registration".
    - freenode organises an annual conference, and we would like to extend our
    - thanks to the attendees, exhibitors and speakers who made freenode #live 2017
    - possible. And of course, our generous sponsors: Bytemark, Canonical (Ubuntu),
    - Falanx Cyber Security, Private Internet Access and Yubico for footing the bill.
    - Thank you also to our server sponsors for the sustained support in keeping the
    - network going for close to two decades.
    - Thank you to all of our attendees, sponsors, speakers, exhibitors, helpers,
    - and everyone else who made this year's freenode #live conference amazing.
    - https://freenode.net/news/live-2018
    - Thank you for using freenode!

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