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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can my network be featured?
    • Featured networks is automatic. Nobody decides which networks will be featured aside from the system. If you want your network to show up as featured it must be maintained.
  • The bot hasn't indexed my site in a while
    • First, check your network's page on IRC-Source, if the crawler had any trouble connecting it will state the last error that it seen on the network's page. If you need your network re-enabled please open a thread on the support forum.
    • How can I help avoid this?
      • In some rare cases the bot failing to index your network can't be avoided. However in the cases where it could be avoided here are some of the common causes:
        • Your network is listed with the wrong DNS name
        • A server on your network is, or has been, offline for an extended period of time in which the bot had trouble connecting.
        • The bot has been banned or otherwise limited on your network.
    • The crawler bot could be getting banned, or otherwise limited, on your network. Please make sure that you have exempted our crawler hostname in your IRCd configurations.
  • How can I get my IRC network listed on IRC-Source?
    • You can submit your IRC network to the IRC-Source index here.
  • How can I update my network's information?
    • First you will need to gain maintainer's access to your network here. Once you have maintainer access you can make edits to your network's information by going to "My Account"->"My Networks" then selecting the network that you would like to make edits to.
  • My network has merged with another network, how can I update my network to reflect this?
    • If you already have maintainer access to your network, then simply goto your network's settings and select a parent network. This process will suspend indexing of your network and redirect visitors to the parent network's page.
  • My network has been suspended, how can I appeal?
    • You can appeal for your network to be unsuspended on the support forum.
  • I do not wish for my network to be indexed/listed on IRC-Source
    • We do not delete network pages, we keep that for historical data purposes. However after a period of time of being suspended a network will "fall off" the listing and search. If you have maintainer access to your network (see above how to get this access) you can self suspend the network so that it is no longer crawled. Alternatively you can ban the bot and after a period of time it will stop trying to connect (usually about 3 days).


For quick (not to be confused with immediate) support go here

Network Address Channel Description
irc.Buddy.IM #IRC-Source Official IRC-Source Support & Discussion channel
irc.AfterNET.org #IRC-Source Alternative Support & Discussion channel
irc.freenode.net #IRC-Source Alternative Support & Discussion channel
irc.electrocode.net #IRC-Source Alternative Support & Discussion channel

Mailing Lists